Other Services

My vision is to remove the technological barriers between you and your dreams. I enjoy meeting with clients, discussing their projects and co-creating a solution with them. I have a wide variety of skills and solutions to provide.

  • Websites – I have experience creating and maintaining websites. My specialty is creating high functionality that connects websites to back-end databases. If you have an idea of what you want, I can create it for you. If you’ve already got a website that needs maintenance or transformation I can help you.
  • Mobile Apps – I can create apps for you or your business. I prefer to write in JAVA and develop apps for Android devices. I can also write apps in javascript which can be ported to both Android and iOS for iPhones.
  • Excel Macros – Most people live in the world of repetitive Excel cut-and-paste. Macros are a way of putting your productivity into high gear. With a few simple keystrokes you can let Excel do all your repetitive tasks. I can write specialized macros that will save you hours of work, freeing you up to do more of what you rather be doing.
  • Video – I have video editing skills and can help you with your production and post-production projects.
  • Databases – Do you have information, such as a client list or projects with lots of moving parts? Perhaps you would be more productive if the information were compiled in a database. I can design your database and implement it. Or you may already have a database and need some reporting
    functions or improved functionality.
  • Data Management – We are awash in data. Just like filing cabinets were a huge innovation in data management decades ago, I can help you bring your data into the 21st century. This will improve your efficiency and productivity.
  • Custom Programming – There are some information processing tasks that the human brain can do better than a computer, but there are many tasks that some clever programming can do for us. An examples of the type of programming I have done was to gather data from separate long lists, each in different formats, and extract the information that appeared in all three lists where there was a common element. My client told me this saved him days of tedious work.
  • Photoshop – I can help you with your image processing or creating custom graphics. Recently I helped a client create coupons for her business.
  • Scientific Analysis – I am a physicist by training and analytic, quantitative thinking comes naturally to me. I am an expert in grasping complex issues and communicating them at the appropriate level. If you need some scientific expertise for short term projects, I can help you. My publication list is online.
  • Satellite Data Expert – For twenty years I worked in prestigious national data centers and served as the data manager for a satellite that measured carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. I have developed many data visualization tools that extracted optimum information from satellite observations.
  • Virus Recovery – There are some nasty programs out there that can infect your computer and compromise the security of your information and lead to even more serious problems. I can help you keep your computer safe or recover from an attack.
  • GIS – Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are becoming ever more important for all sorts of planning and geographic analysis. I can help you acquire data and create useful and visually evocative presentations.
  • And more! I love learning new techniques and will not charge you for the time it takes for me to acquire the skills I need to do the work for you.